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Leafy Walkways

Nothing brings more peace of mind

Than a walkway filled with unswept leaves,

Dry as dirt, brittle as biscuits –

Fallen in patterned chaos

Around their now bare tree.

Among them walks a girl,

Novel in one hand,

A cup of warm coffee in the other,

Reading to the music

Of dry leaves under her boots

And the last birds of the year,

Lost in the tall tales in her hands,

And blind to any other flights of fantasy

That the world might offer.

– Severus Snape-

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Hello, reader, and welcome to Always. I’m Severus Snape – a twenty year old Bi pursuing my Bachelors of Arts in Economics. I used to run a site of the same name under the same pseudonym if anyone remembers it. I just started over at a new site address. I may be biologically female, but I stopped caring what set of pronouns you use for me some time ago. It really doesn’t matter to me or bother me if you call me he/she/they – I have better things to worry about anyway.

This site, like the last (for those who remember it), will be about general poetry and prose, topic and genre no bar. That being said and done, you can follow this site via WordPress if you’re a user, or via email if otherwise. Just looked for the ‘follow’ button on the bottom right corner of the page (you might need to tap the screen once to have it pop up near the bottom). I plan to monetise this site- so please hit that follow button and keep reading ‘Always’


Severus Snape.